An ongoing project meant to identify common disruptors (in life timelines or otherwise) that can cause attrition. Identifying these means we can begin building preventative measures to mitigate them, and a way to re-onboard past members should they have left. Some may have no easy solution, but identifying them is a good starting point.

This includes disruptors for both kids and adults.

  1. Kindergarten
  2. Puberty
  3. High School
  4. College
  5. First Employment
  6. Relationships/Break-ups
  7. Parental divorce
  8. Marriage
  9. Children
  10. Death of loved ones
  11. Divorce
  12. Injury/Illness
  13. Unemployment/Financial Difficulty
  14. Moving/Losing Home
  15. Personal conflicts within the dojo
  16. Dojo closing down