How To Take Awesome Action Videos

Here is a quick guide about slow motion video composition for Instagram specific to Aikido, and hopefully this can help whoever reads it make their own cool shots that they can use for engagement and ads.

Couple of rules to follow:

  • Take the video from a low angle, looking up (unless you are specifically trying something interesting/out of the norm.) They do this in superhero action moves (especially during landings) and fight scenes that involve falls.
  • Unless you’re showcasing speed or explaining technique, having a portion with slow motion is always going to be the best bet.
  • Don’t worry about repeating techniques that you’ve already done—remember that the follower base that followed you later will likely not have seen it (especially if your videos number in the hundreds) and the ones who have most likely don’t remember.
  • The cool action part should be within the first 3 seconds (or else people will likely scroll right past.)
  • Nage’s portion should be normal speed, uke’s fall should be slow-motioned.
  • You want to catch uke falling towards the camera, not away.
  • Fluorescent and incandescent lightbulbs will cause a flicker  in slow motion videos.
  • Morning light is always going to look the best on video.