Technique Card Template

A United Kingdom Aikido organization had attempted to address the results of a survey they deployed that found new members are most confused about what to expect in class and the Japanese names of the techniques they did in class. They decided to standardize what they teach newcomers (all newcomers will learn 1 pin, 1 throw, 1 ukemi)  and the instructor will write down the name of what they  taught down on a business card that has fields for it. If they give me the green light, I can post their template here for everyone to see as well.

For the LIA, Because of our large teaching staff and the many ways of spelling the techniques, I ended up putting all the techniques, attacks, ukemi etc. on the business card so the instructors can check them off or circle them instead of writing them in, with a write in date on top. I plan to deploy it for the funnel curriculum.

This was created via VistaPrint.