Free Survey Construction and Data Analysis for Schools and Organizations

Please contact us for more information about free data analysis or survey construction for your school and/or organization. For examples, please see our Past Projects page.

A few points to note below:
  • This is a free service–however, in exchange for the reports generated, you provide us with the ability to use your numbers for our future reports. Your school and organization will remain anonymous.
  • Names and other critical identifying¬†information of individuals (such as addresses/phone numbers/email addresses/date of birth–birth year can remain) MUST be removed before furnishing the raw data. We can walk you through that process. This is to protect the privacy of individuals in case the data gets breached.
Types of reports we can generate (not a complete list):
  • Cohort analyses (to see retention vs. enrollment over the course of a time period.)
  • Zip code analyses (identifying neighborhoods and trends where students are most likely to come from so you can have a more targeted market.)
  • Demographics and trends of your school/organization.
  • Identifying issues with discrimination, inequalities, and other issues that could be affecting your school/organization.
Types of Surveys we can construct (Not a complete list):
  • Entry/Exit surveys
  • Student satisfaction surveys
  • Surveys for figuring out best schedules, etc.
  • Surveys for identifying student needs and trends