Free Sign In Program Ideas

QR Code Card Digital Self-Check In Tablet Program


  • Free
  • Easy to set up
  • Each students’ attendance is tracked in a separate excel sheet so you don’t have to sift through others to find a specific student
  • Automatic sign in after scanning, students do not need to input or choose their names (which causes mistakes) or hit a submit button
  • Students can sign in with their own phone (if the card is kept at the school)
  • On Google Drive (cloud) which allows access to the information from anywhere there’s a wifi signal or cell phone signal (if cell enabled)
  • Can be put on a tablet at the front desk
  • Easily run analysis on individual students attendance
  • If people sign in on their own phones, it reduces the time on line waiting to sign in.



  • Can’t restrict times (will have to manually check for wrong times before tests)
  • Can’t restrict number of uses per day (will have to manually check for duplicates before tests.)
  • You must create another QR code for them to use if they take another separate program at your school (e.g. Iaido)
  • Students can take it home and sign in themselves (honor system or keep cards at school system)
  • Needs wifi or cell service
  • Needs QR Code Reader App 
  • Needs Tablet
  • Will need to link up all students attendance sheets in order to run analysis in bulk on school’s monthly/yearly attendance
  • Must laminate cards or else it will disintegrate


Single Student QR Code Creation Guide


Mass QR Code Creation For Individual Students using Google Sheets and Google Forms


Simple Google Forms and Google Sheets Student Self Sign In Program


  • Free
  • Easy to set up
  • On a single sheet so easy to run analysis on class daily, weekly, monthly attendance
  • On Google Drive (cloud) which allows access to the information from anywhere there’s a wifi signal or cell phone signal (if cell enabled.)
  • Works with a Tablet or Desktop 
  • Students can only sign in when they are physically at your location (unless they somehow got their hands on the link)
  • Different programs can be selected directly on the form



  • Cannot detect and stop duplicate entries for the same class so manual checks will be required before testing
  • Because it’s in one master sheet, may be difficult to locate a specific member
  • Needs wifi or cell signal
  • Needs a computer or tablet
  • Students must either type in or select their name (and program, if multiples exist) from a drop down menu which can cause errors

Youtube Link:




  • Free (Up to a certain limit of number of employee contacts/locations)
  • Express check in for returning visitors
  • Can contact specific instructors on the days they’re teaching notifying them of who is in class
  • Tablet enabled
  • Will stop duplicates
  • Automatic report generation/analysis
  • Paid version can do waiver forms



  • Must have internet/wifi signal
  • Must have tablet (iPad)
  • Pricing plans could change and free version could no longer be available in the future



SubsNinja (Have not personally tried)

This is a web based software platform developed by Von Ryan at Dublin Tomiki Aikido that is subscription based. It is GDPR compliant, and can track attendance and dues payment, register incidences during class, and store membership progression and data. The data is hosted at a data center in Ireland, so internet will be needed in order to run it. It is free for clubs with under 10 members and then is a monthly subscription based system.