Meetup Changes Pricing Structure, Causes Outrage and Launch of Free Alternative

The activity website has begun testing changes to their pricing structure from charging just the organizers ($9.99/month under 50 members) to charging the organizers ($2) and the users ($2/RSVP). It is supposedly meant to incentivize users to show up to events they RSVP to, but has received great backlash given their already steep pricing structure. In response, a new website has popped up with the promise of free for both users and organizers up to 100 members. It has a similar UI as Meetup, so Meetup users will feel right at home.

This is a great Craigslist alternative for people to locate events near them. You can set up recurring events (for example, the Long Island Aikikai does one recurring free class a month.)

Notice by Josephine Fan

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