Facebook Ads Can Cause Unintentional Demographic Skew

Facebook’s algorithm automatically optimizes the demographic most likely to convert based on the performance of your ad within a certain amount of hours. They’re great at it, which is what makes Facebook ads an invaluable tool for growing dojos. But we learned it can also unintentionally limit which demographic gets exposed to your ad. This can actually also be an invaluable tool, letting you know that your ad is not friendly towards a demographic. We’ll use the experiment we ran this time. After realizing FB ads was no longer exposing our ad to female viewers even though the ad was set to be exposed to both men and women, we wanted to see if it was a reasonable restriction or not and ran the exact same ad but restricted it to female viewers. It confirmed a few things and also surprised me with a few things:

1. Women are actually much more likely to watch through the whole video than men. Almost 50% of the women exposed to the video watched through it. About 20% of men did.

2. However, the video (2 men with bokken kata) failed to convert into clicks for women and therefore failed to convert to sales, while it did for men.

3. This meant my ad was not female friendly and Facebook was right to optimize it for men, since my goal was to have sign ups for the Introduction to Aikido program. What this means is I need to create a separate women targeted ad and test again to see if I get different results, or if FB will still restrict it if it sees women are less likely to convert for that ad.

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